Village Treasure House supports 17 local charities

November 27, 2013 (GLENVIEW, Ill.)

The Village Treasure House opened in Glenview in 1995, but for the past several years they've been here in Northbrook. The space is filled with high quality items, almost everything you'd ever need to furnish your home, once-loved stuff now looking for new owners.

"It's a consignment retail shop of furniture and home furnishings," said Leslie Decker, manager, Village Treasure House.

Ninety percent of the items here are on consignment. The customers bring in their no longer used items and then the Treasure House sells them with a 50/50 split. No junk is accepted, it's all good stuff.

"Most of the items have had a whole other life. We wish they could talk. They've been loved and adored and kept in prime condition. And they are just ready to have someone else need them to give them another second life," said Decker.

But this isn't just about the comings and goings of furnishings. It's mostly about charity. This entire business revolves around giving money away to women and families in crisis.

"Well, we support 17 local agencies that provide services such as emergency shelter and clothing, food, domestic violence counseling, grief counseling," said Sandy Van Epps, Village Treasure House.

Most of the items come from people downsizing or changing life styles, they are purchased often by customers filling up new homes.

In 1997, they wrote their first check to charity for $4,000. But these last two years, the business has really boomed.

"In 2012, we were able to give $210,000 to those 17 charities in total and this year, we gave $250,000 away in total to those 17 charities," said Decker.

It's a year-round Thanksgiving story, with lots of giving and lots of thanks.

Village Treasure House

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