Hobby Airport coyote chased across Houston runways

Coyote runs across runways and taxiways at Hobby Airport in southeast Houston

December 11, 2013 11:01:39 AM PST
A coyote found itself the center of attention Wednesday morning at Hobby Airport in southeast Houston. Some pilots reportedly spotted the animal near runways and alerted airport authorities. At around 8:50 a.m., airport officials in an SUV located the coyote and tried to corral it, chasing the critter as it ran across several runways and taxiways. [ WATCH RAW VIDEO OF CHASE ]

The coyote ran full speed, weaving back and forth, apparently trying to elude the authorities in pursuit, who were trying to keep the animal from harm's way, or from interfering with airport operations.

After tearing across the entire length of the airfield, the coyote, which appeared healthy but showing signs of slowing down, disappeared near a fence line behind the Million Air hangar.

No flights were impacted by the incident, and the coyote was not injured, but got a healthy dose of exercise from the morning run. According to a spokesperson for the Houston Airport Systems, the animal was later captured, and the Texas Wildlife Department was alerted to come pick it up.