Fantastic Frank shares inspiring story of survival

December 22, 2013

He has turned life changing experiences into a career.

"I was trapped 33 years ago. I was carried out in a body bag, and I recovered on the way to the hospital. A medic inserted a trach tube damaging my voice box, and that s my double-edge sword. He saved my life," said Frank.

Also known as Fantastic Frank, he sees himself as a superhero character.

"I collected comic books," he said. "It never dawned on me to become branded as Fantastic Frank until I was on a coaching call with my mentor, Frank Gasiorowski over 7 or 8 years ago and he was talking about branding, and I punched through the chatter. I said, 'Hey, I'm Fantastic Frank."

Prior to becoming disabled, Frank was a successful chemical engineer.

"I tried to go back to work, but because of the way my brain has been, how can I say this?-- I had been fried. I had been damaged because I had almost died from carbon monoxide poising. They couldn't put me back in my same job," said Frank.

Frank travels the country speaking to people with disabilities about thinking positive. He also wrote, From Flawed to Fantastic: How I turned my disability into an asset.

"My message is that you have a power within you that you have no idea what it is until you get put to a test, and when you get tested, you usually have to give up on your goals and dreams or you push forward," said Frank. "I'm living proof that anybody can push through whatever obstacles they have and succeed."

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