Kevin Baker in critical condition after shot in possible cell phone robbery in Chicago Lawn

A Chicago college student is in critical condition after he was shot Thursday night in what may have been a cell phone robbery in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood.
January 17, 2014 4:17:29 AM PST
A Chicago college student remains in the hospital in critical condition Friday after he shot in what may have been a cell phone robbery in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood.

Kevin Baker was rushed to Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, where he is in critical condition Friday morning.

Baker, 19, is a freshman at Harold Washington College. He was shot in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood near 62nd and Campbell, where his backpack remains on the scene. His family wants to know why this happened.

Baker's relatives say he's a role model in their family. They say he avoided trouble and problems on the streets because he wanted to focus on being a student at Harold Washington College. Baker's family says he pursued education because he wanted to be somebody, but now he's in the hospital after being shot, apparently for his cell phone.

"It is so sad for kids to have to go to school and walk home and to be robbed of your cell phone and even after you give it to somebody, you're still shot," said Arlene Allen, relative.

Relatives say Baker was with his cousin, Dominque Baker. Police say both handed over their cell phones.

"Immediately, I just thought how sad it was, because I knew he was a shorty, a school kid," said Devon Bowen, resident.

Witnesses say the gunmen pulled up in a burgundy truck. Police say it was a van.

"They were asking about a phone, and they just shot him and drove off," said Yasmeen James, witness.

"It's sad. They are just killing everyone over everything," said Kendra Goodwin, resident.

Chicago police say robbery is the motive. But to the family, the motive doesn't make sense.

"Over a phone? Over a phone!" said Allen.

The family says that Baker is in surgery on Thursday night. His mother is at the hospital as well, he is her only child.

The investigation is ongoing, and police say no one has been arrested as of Friday morning.