Pediatric physical therapy at Athletico

January 18, 2014 (CHICAGO)

It's a team effort.

Every child deserves the opportunity to reach his or her highest level of independence, regardless of the challenges. Most rapid and developmental changes occur during the first years of life.

At Athletico in Highland Park, pediatric physical therapist Pam Lasky is working with 16-month-old Brady. she started working with him when he was 3 months old.

"Brady has Down Syndrome, and I started seeing him because he wasn't hitting all his motor milestones right away," said Pam. "He's doing wonderful."

This kind of therapy is offered at several Athletico locations.

"We treat kids with cerebral palsy, toe walkers, developmental delay, torticollis in little babies," said Pam.

The benefits of this therapy are:

"It allows them to grow it allows them to learn better. It allows them to interact and socialize with other kids better. It allows them to keep up with other kids their age," said Pam.

Since Brady started working with Pam, his mom, Meghan Dejong, said her son is making progress.

"He's started to take four or five steps on his own, and he's standing up on his own now when he's just playing at home," Meghan said.

Parents' involvement is essential.

"Physical therapy for pediatrics is basically parent education. I'm with their child for an hour a week maybe two hours a week, but what happens at home is the most important," said Pam.

"I think she does such a good job educating us because it allows us to go home and then teach the daycare providers that he has or the other family members that are around him, and then as well for us when we're playing we have ideas of way to make it beneficial for him all the time," Meghan said.

"I want Brady to go to school and learn and enjoy and have the same advantage that every other kid has," Pam said.

Recommendations for pediatric physical therapy come from doctors.

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