Affordable Care Act plan enrollment deadline looms

March 12, 2014 (CHICAGO)

Staff at Presence Saint Mary Hospital understands about a third of the patients will not have insurance, and that some skip medical attention all together because they are uninsured. Alexis Morin acknowledges she should have seen a doctor when she got sick this winter, but she feared a big bill.

"Mostly I used over the counter drugs. I had the flu for two months or so. And I just had to get over it myself," said Morin.

Morin doesn't want to be in the situation again so she is enrolling for Affordable Care Act health insurance. Presence is offering information about the new health coverage options as the deadline to enroll is in two weeks away.

"I think they finally get the message. The deadline is rolling around pretty soon. They get fined, should probably get insurance pretty soon," said William Rivera, Affordable Care navigator.

In Illinois, more than 300,000 have already enrolled in plans through Affordable Care.

The Ramos' having been creative in paying Luba Ramos' health care bills. Leon Ramos is retired and even took a part time job for the benefits. But he was laid off, so now they are looking to Affordable Care navigators for help.

"I take a lot of medications and I need something to cover the medications," said Luba Ramos.

Like many would be enrollees, the Ramos' need to get more information and come back. The process can sometimes take a couple of visits.

For those who miss the March 31 deadline, the next enrollment period is not until October.

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