Andrew Cunanan killings: FBI documents released

March 19, 2014 (CHICAGO)

FBI records obtained by the I-Team reveal that Andrew Cunanan was out for revenge against anyone who could have given him AIDS. Although never tested, Cunanan thought he might have AIDS in the late spring and summer of 1997 because of his lifestyle and told friends he was going to kill those with whom he had unprotected sex. Among those, according to the FBI files, was Chicago real estate tycoon Lee Miglin.

From April to July and from coast-to-coast, Andrew Cunanan was a murder machine. Five victims in four states -- from gun shots, hammer blows, pruning shears and a hacksaw -- the weapons were varied, but according to Cunanan's FBI file, the motive was always the same.

"If I had AIDS or if someone did that to me I would go on a five-state killing spree and take everyone with me I could," Cunanan is quoted as telling friends before the spree began.

A San Diego AIDS counselor told the FBI that before the killing spree he "gave information regarding HIV and AIDS to Cunanan" because Cunanan "was someone who feared might have had the AIDS virus."

Cunanan is infamous for his final victim, world-famous designer Gianni Versace, shot in the head outside his South Miami Beach mansion. But the horrific murder of Chicago magnate Lee Miglin on May 4, 1997 has always been shrouded in mystery.

"I can tell you unequivocally that we have not found a link between Andrew Cunanan and anyone in the Miglin family," Matt Rodriguez, former Chicago police superintendent, said in July 1997.

Miglin's family also steadfastly denied that there had been any previous relationship between the men. The FBI file obtained by the I-Team disputes that.

According to several reports, the men were friends who on previous documented occasions paid a male prostitute for sexual services. The federal investigative file quotes an interview with a "rent boy" who had advertised his services in a local magazine. The man described how Miglin and Cunanan, driving in one car, had picked him up at arranged locations in Chicago and had sexual relations with Lee Miglin and Andrew.

That relationship would explain, for the first time with some certainty, how Cunanan knew the 72-year-old Miglin and had knowledge of where he lived on the Gold Coast, and why he felt comfortable going into Miglin's home after the murder and making a sandwich for himself.

Reached by phone, his widow Marilyn Miglin said she wasn't up for discussing any of this. Miglin's son Duke told the I-Team Wednesday night that Chicago police concluded the information in the FBI report was unfounded, but he added it was a long time ago.

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