Officer Michael McEvoy, Arlington Heights police honored after standoff

March 20, 2014 (ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill.)

Since he was shot three months ago, McEvoy has come a long way. He was in a coma and endured multiple surgeries, but stood tall as he received the Officer of the Year award on Thursday. It was the first time many of his colleagues, including some of the men who saved his life, have seen McEvoy since the Arlington Heights police officer was shot in December.

"He looks phenomenal comparing what he has been through, it is a miracle he is standing, breathing. It just sends chills up and down your body, it's incredible," said Officer Doug Glanz, Arlington Heights police.

On December 12, McEvoy responded to 911 call made from an Arlington Heights townhouse where a man was threatening his ex-girlfriend with a gun. As he entered the home, Officer McEvoy was shot once below his left jaw. Officer Kevin Sullivan immediately went in to help, where he saw an unresponsive McEvoy on the floor. Sullivan pulled McEvoy outside, where officers Doug Glanz and Michael Turano helped.

"All I could think about was assisting a fellow officer and a friend," said Sullivan.

Acting Arlington Heights Fire Chief Ken Koeppen was not on duty that night, but he happened to be having dinner with family nearby. He heard the commotion and ran outside. Koeppen helped stop McEvoy's bleeding until the ambulance arrived. Some officers say Koeppen's actions likely saved McEvoy's life.

"I was just part of the puzzle, I mean, everybody there that night was instrumental in a positive outcome," said Koeppen.

And on Thursday, that puzzle came together as all men were honored for their acts of heroism. But the biggest honor went to Michael McEvoy as he received the L.W. Calderwood Officer of the Year award.

"I just want to say thank you very much, I'm very proud to be an Arlington Heights police officer and I'm extremely proud to be the recipient of the 2013 L.W. Calderwood award. Thank you very much," said McEvoy.

It was the first and only statement that McEvoy made. The bullet remains lodged in his jaw, but he will undergo surgery in a few weeks to have it removed.

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