Aidan Garcia, 9, recovering after East Chicago pit bull attack

April 17, 2014 (EAST CHICAGO, Ind.)

Warning: Video includes graphic images

"I want people to see it and know the nature of what can happen to kids, to anybody," said Shannon Josleyn, boy's mother.

Animal control took the pit bull away from its owner, but the boy's mother wants that pit bull to be put to sleep. She also wants the dog's owner to be held responsible, either cited or charged for the attack, and she wants people to see her son's wounds, which are very graphic.

Aidan Garcia left his bed to explore the hospital's playroom on Thursday as he recovers after a pit bull attack.

"It's horrible. It's outrageous," said Josleyn.

His mother has a reason to share the 9-year-old's story.

"The nature of these wounds, it's unreal. It's horrible. The pain my son is going through, I don't want anybody to go through that," said Josleyn.

Garcia has wounds on both legs.

In East Chicago, Indiana, the pit bull is quarantined in animal care custody as police investigate. On Tuesday, police say the dog got out of its kennel and bit Garcia.

"He said he was walking along the sidewalk when he saw two pit bulls coming after him. He started to run away when one of them latched onto his leg," said Detective Terence Fife, East Chicago Police Department.

Police say it happened on the 3500 block of Pennsylvania. The boy's mother says they live on the block and Garcia was walking to the basketball courts when he was attacked.

"He laid there and played dead, the dog continued to mangle on his legs," said Josleyn.

Residents tried to help.

"I'm like, stay calm, stay calm, you're going to be all right. The help is here they're going really good care of you. He was like, I want my mom. I want my mom. I was like, she's on her way. But I'm here with you now," said Shemeika White, family friend.

Thursday, people were at the dog owner's home, but no one answered the door. As for Aidan Garcia, and his recovery at the hospital.

"Anything he needs, we got his back. If he needs grapes fed to him, if he needs a fan, mom will fan him. (Lots of love?) Lots, and lots, of love," said Josleyn.

Last year, the dog's owner was cited for a code violation after the same pit bull was involved in another attack. But city officials said that at that point, the owner complied with all codes and regulations, and at that point the dog was returned to her.

No charges have been filed in the attack.

On Friday, the dog's owner, Clarissa Williams, apologized, saying: "I wished it didn't happen. I have five kids myself, and i wouldn't want that to happen to my own kids or anyone else."

Williams says she does not plan on keeping the dog.

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