ABC7 First Alert Weather: Surviving the Storm

April 26, 2014 (CHICAGO)

Video - ABC7 First Alert Weather: Surviving the Storm- Originally aired April 26, 2014
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ABC 7 Eyewitness News Presents a First Alert Weather Special: "Surviving the Storm," hosted by meteorologists Jerry Taft, Tracy Butler, Mike Caplan and Phil Schwarz. This half-hour special program identifies the greatest threats during storm season and provides important information to help keep viewers safe when storms hit.

Chief Meteorologist Jerry Taft and Meteorologist Phil Schwarz explore the anatomy of a storm. Phil travels to the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma to look at how storms are tracked with the latest cutting edge technology. Phil visits Moore, Oklahoma, to gauge the town's recovery after being hit by a deadly EF-5 twister that killed 24 people last May. He also details precautionary steps that can help prepare for the dangers of flooding.

Jerry Taft reports from the local National Weather Service Office in Romeoville, Illinois, to show how emergency warnings go out from the Storm Prediction Center to the outlets in your community.

In their own words, Washington, Illinois residents paint a vivid picture of what happened on that fateful day a tornado wreaked havoc on their town. They give updates on their building and recovery efforts.

Meteorologist Tracy Butler shares the personal stories of courage and survival when the citizens of Coal City, Illinois, remember the devastating tornado that tore through their town. School children in Coal City talk to Tracy about the day they'll never forget and how they kept out of harm's way. Tracy will also look at what's currently being done to keep kids safe at school when a storm hits.

Meteorologist Mike Caplan reports on how best to prepare for a storm --whether you're at home or at work, where's the safest place in your building to take refuge during a storm? Mike also looks at what to do when you are outdoors and lightning threatens.

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