CTA names properties potentially affected by Red Line modernization plan

April 25, 2014 (CHICAGO)

The modernization would create a rail line bypass starting just north of the Belmont station on the Red, Purple and Brown lines as well as replace tracks and some stations along the northern section of the Red and Purple lines.

The buildings that will be potentially impacted by the Belmont bypass include:

  • 3240 N. Wilton Ave.
  • 3242 N. Wilton Ave.
  • 3244 N. Wilton Ave.
  • 3246 N. Wilton Ave.
  • 3252 N. Wilton Ave.
  • 3328 N. Clark St. (rear building only)
  • 3334-3344 N. Clark St.
  • 3346-3348 N. Clark St.
  • 3366 N. Clark St.
  • 947 W. Roscoe St.
  • 3406 N. Sheffield Ave.
  • 3401-3407 N. Clark St.
  • 3413 N. Clark St.
  • 3415-3419 N. Clark St.
  • 3421 N. Clark St.
  • 947-949 W. Newport

Vacant lots potentially impacted by the Belmont bypass:

  • 3324 N. Clark St.
  • 3326 N. Clark St.
  • 3330 N. Clark St.
  • 3368 N. Clark St.
  • 3427 N. Clark St.

Buildings potentially impacted by the Lawrence-Bryn Mawr modernization:

  • 4837-4887 N. Broadway
  • 5637-5643 N. Broadway
  • 5657 N. Broadway

Vacant lots potentially impacted by the Lawrence-Bryn Mawr modernization:

  • 4723 N. Clifton Ave. / 1123 W. Lawrence Ave.
  • 1130 W. Lawrence Ave.
  • 4837 N. Broadway
  • 4839-4849 N. Broadway
  • 5033 N. Broadway
  • 5343 N. Broadway

"Many possible alternatives were considered and one with the least amount of property impacts was ultimately identified," the transit agency said in a release. "The CTA is working with a dedicated team of community liaisons who have been contacting property owners, business owners, and renters and will continue to do so as the CTA moves forward with the planning process."

Michael Kudra, resident at 947-949 West Newport, said he first found out about the CTA plans earlier this week.

"It depressed me," Kudra said. "It's something that's taking away from all of Chicago. It hurts."

The CTA unveiled the first phase of its Red and Purple Line modernization program April 17, which focuses on rebuilding the northern section of the Red and Purple Lines. Trains in this section currently run on tracks that are nearly 100 years old. The project also includes rebuilding four stations on the North Side between Lawrence and Bryn Mawr.

The Belmont bypass plan would create a bypass for Brown Line trains just north of the Belmont station. Currently, northbound Brown Line trains must cross all other tracks to split off from the Red and Purple lines at this junction. The CTA plans to break ground on the $320 million project in 2017.

The CTA is required to offer fair market value of any property it seeks to acquire, and provide financial assistance for owners and tenants affected by the plan. The agency said it has mailed information and scheduled in-person meetings with people in buildings that would be impacted.

Kudra has lived in his building for 2 years and plans to attend the meetings.

"It's bigger than us almost," he said. "It's the CTA, it's the government, ya know?"

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