Spending too much on your cell phone bill? Check out these tips to save money

ByJason Knowles and Ann Pistone via WLS logo
Sunday, September 12, 2021
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Consumer Investigator Jason Knowles is finding out how you can save on your cell phone bill.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Despite high unemployment, almost 25% of people plan to spend more on their cell phone bill, according to Wallet Hub.

A recent survey shows 1 on 3 people plan on getting the new iPhone 13, and 2 in 5 Americans said the phone is their most important belonging during the pandemic.

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However, Wallet Hub said there are things you can do to save on the bill.

  • Look out for promotional deals offered by providers, usually around times like back-to-school or graduation season.
  • You can purchase coverage from a "budget provider" that uses the same network as one of the name-brand providers. You'll essentially get the same coverage at a much lower cost.
  • You could also save on your cell phone bill if you get a "bundle" or "family deal." Plans that include more people and devices may come with discount prices.
  • To see how cheap you could get your phone bill, check out the Wallet Hub Cell Phone Savings Calculator, which crunches the numbers on whether it's better to buy a phone upfront or pay in installments, and much more.