Teen Chicago softball player who died from asthma attack saves several lives through organ donation

Delilah Lincoln's family, friends, former teammates from De La Salle Institute High School, Willowbrook Hounds gather at Hale Park

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Sunday, November 5, 2023
Chicago teen who died from asthma attack saves lives with her organs
Delilah Lincoln, a Chicago high school softball player who died from an asthma attack, has saved five lives through organ donation, her family said.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A teenage Chicago high school athlete's sudden death is helping to give a second chance to others.

Delilah Lincoln, 15, died, last week after suffering a severe asthma attack in her sleep. Her family says her organs were donated and have already helped to save several patients.

It was at Hale Park on the city's Southwest Side where Lincoln's love for softball began. On Saturday night, it's where her loved ones gathered to remember the end of her life.

"I'm going to miss my girl. I'm definitely going to miss her," said Kayla Stacy, Lincoln's mother. "I would sit behind the play all the time and just stare at my girl."

Softball meant everything to Lincoln.

"She is playing softball in the most beautiful diamond in heaven," one person said at Saturday's vigil.

Lincoln's family, friends, and former teammates from both De La Salle Institute High School in Chicago and the Willowbrook Hounds gathered with tears flowing.

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"It's heartbreaking. I'm still waiting to wake up from this nightmare," Stacy said.

Stacy said her daughter was at her grandparents' home the night of Oct. 25. She went to sleep, but never woke up after suffering a severe asthma attack.

"I didn't know how bad it was, because Delilah has asthma, and she was running bases with two pumps in her pocket the whole time," Stacy said.

Lincoln's family said she went several minutes without oxygen to her brain. For four days, the teen was left clinging to life in the hospital.

"I was just hoping for that miracle that I hear about," Stacy said.

But, that miracle never came. Instead, after being taken off of life support, Lincoln became a miracle to others as her organs were donated.

"Besides being an amazing athlete, she saved lives. She saved lives. She saved five people's lives," said Nelson Segara, Lincoln's grandfather.

"Just happy that I was able to help other mothers out to not feel the way that I feel right now," Stacy said.