How to keep your devices secure when you travel

CHICAGO (WLS) -- If you're anything like me, you'll be travelling with all of your devices this holiday season. But according to Trustwave, you need to do a quick security check-up.

For example, on an iPhone, make sure your "Find My iPhone" is enabled. And on other phones, make sure your location tracking is on in case you lose your phone.

You may want to consider downloading or purchasing a Virtual Private Network app. This can help protect you in case you're searching on untrusted or public Wi-Fi connections.

You may also want to disable any notifications or access to controls while your device is locked, that way someone can't get into your device if they find it. Make sure you have a passcode, Face ID enabled, or a finger print enabled, and you also may want to do this-check this out. On your auto lock feature, change it to one minute or even 30 seconds.
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