franklyHANK: Stacy Keach, Working Girl, Wonder Woman

We now know that actor Stacy Keach had a heart attack on stage at Goodman Theatre on May 30 during the opening night of his show, "Pamplona." I was in the audience that night and it was clear that Keach was having trouble recalling parts of the script and missing light cues. He appeared to be confused and finally after an hour of struggling through, someone over a loud speaker said, "Hold, please. Mr. Keach, would you exit the stage?" Keach exited and director Bob Falls came on stage and explained that Keach had been ill all day, but insisted on performing that night. Falls added that the performance had not gone as planned and they were canceling it for the night. Goodman continued to cancel performances for another three shows before canceling the run altogether. The good news is that Keach is expected to make a recovery and Goodman plans to reschedule "Pamplona" for 2018. Keach is expected to be released from the hospital today and remain in Chicago during his recover.

The hit 1988 film "Working Girl" starring Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver is headed to a Broadway stage. Singer/song-writer Cyndi Lauper will write the music for the show. Lauper previously won a Tony for the score of "Kinky Boots," which had its pre-Broadway run right here in Chicago. The film which was nominated for six Academy Awards including Best Picture focuses on a Staten Island secretary trying to make in a man's world. When her female boss takes a brief leave, she fills in and trouble ensues. No date yet on that Broadway bow.


So while a sequel has not been officially announced, almost everyone in the film industry expects it. "Wonder Woman" grossed more than $200 million worldwide in its opening week. Both star Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins are contractually obligated to a sequel should Warner Bros. green light it. Jenkins has also said she knows what she wants in a sequel including setting it in the US. Critics and fans are giving "Wonder Woman" great reviews and I agree. Definitely worth your money. Check it out.

The film that gave starring roles to both Tupac Shakur and Omar Epps, "Juice," is out on Blu-ray for the first time and celebrating the film's 25th anniversary. The Blu-ray also includes an alternate ending to "Juice." "Juice" is available from Paramount Home Entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray in stores everywhere now.