What to do if a poser is using your pictures on a fake social media profile

CHICAGO (WLS) -- If your pictures have ever been used by someone else on social media posing as you, here is a tip on what you should do.

ABC7 Investigative Reporter Jason Knowles said he was recently a victim of this when someone else used his pictures on a fake Facebook profile with a different name and occupation.

He said if this happens to you, you should click on the profile and report it.

Tech experts say the fake may be using your pictures, or a familiar face, to fool your friends or others into accepting a friend request to then try to scam them, too.

Look carefully at friend requests and if you get one from a fake account, report it to the social media outlet.

If you're worried about someone using your pictures, you can make your pages "private," although in today's social media world, chances are your pictures are everywhere already, Knowles said.
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