Financial expert Chris Hogan talks about tips for financial success

Financial guru Chris Hogan returned to WCL to give us the tips we need for financial success. Want to get a raise without asking your boss? Sound impossible? Well there are ways to do it.

1. BUDGETING - Set spending limits and enjoy without guilt. Most people have no idea what they spend their money on, or how much of it.

2. ATTACK THE THIEF - DEBT -Credit cards are NOT your friend!
3. HAVE AN EMERGENCY FUND - Start with $1,000 and build it up to 3-6 months of household expenses
4. RAISE MONEY FOR THE FUTURE - How to work your 401K or 403B to its fullest advantage
5. MAKE MONEY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE - Have a passion for something? Do it to make side income that can go straight to your retirement

Other tips for saving money:

1.) Get rid of all the unwanted stuff you've accumulated through a yard sale. Don't want to sit out all day doing that? Here's a list of websites where you can have a VIRTUAL garage sale.

2.) Get a coin jar - throw your extra change in it every day and you'll be surprised how quickly it adds up! While many banks don't take loose change anymore - most grocery stores do have Coinstar - they do charge a 11% fee if you want straight cash, but it's still worth it!

3.) When you grocery shop - pay in CASH. It's harder to let go of physical cash, so it'll make you think twice about what you're buying. Also - make a list and stick to it! Studies show the average shopper gets 20-25% more things than they need.

4.) Maximize your tax return - most people think of it as "free money" but it's not - you worked for it - so let it work for you. Start your emergency fund with it, or put the majority into your 401K - if you put it in your checking account, it'll just get lost.

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Financial expert Chris Hogan shared 5 tips for financial success.

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