Illinois State Police says it reduced FOID card backlog by 75% for new applicants, 89% for renewals

FSB now working to process FOID application more quickly

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021
New law will help Illinois clear FOID card backlog, ISP director says
The ABC7 I-Team has been tracking delays of firearm credentials for more than a year now. Now, the state of Illinois has a plan to fix the problem.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Illinois State Police said they've made major progress on a backlog of FOID card applications.

The ISP said its Firearms Services Bureau is now working to process applications more quickly, but Firearm Transaction Inquiries -- the background check that precedes an anticipated purchase of a firearm -- is currently processing within the mandated 72 hours.

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Applications for the cards surged last year, while staffing levels remained stagnant.

"In 2020, the FSB received an unprecedented number of new FOID and CCL applications. At its peak, applications for new FOID cards hit nearly 143,000 in October 2020," officials said.

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ISP credits extra staffing and improved technology for reducing the FOID card backlog by 75% for new applicants and 89% for renewals.

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