Red Gold Tomatoes: 4 chili recipes for the Big Game

The Big Game is just around the corner. Are you ready for your guests? We have FOUR different chili recipes that will "wow" them. The key to great chili is the tomatoes! Red Gold is a family owned Midwestern company that prides itself for freshness and high quality - plus they are non-GMO certified - so it's Midwestern wholesomeness at its best.

Jenny Bullistron, Chicago blogger and editor of Honey and Birch, showed us how easy, healthy and tasty these recipes are, plus she gives us some tips for different ways to serve it.

For a Southwestern-inspired chili, check out the Red Gold Southwest Chicken Chili recipe:

For a more traditional chili, ccheck out the Red Gold Black Bean Chili recipe:

For a lighter version of traditional chili, check out the Red Gold Black Bean & Pumpkin chili recipe:

For another low-fat chili, check out the Red Gold Sweet Turkey Chili recipe:

Browse Red Gold recipes here: