What to do if you receive a suspicious spam text message

ByJason Knowles and Ann Pistone WLS logo
Monday, July 18, 2022
What to do if you receive a spam text messages
Spam texts are the new spam calls

An unknown number calls and you probably think it's spam, so you don't answer. Well according to TextKiller, because people are ignoring mysterious calls, many scammers have turned to a new tactic: spam text!

Here's a quick tip on spam texts so you don't give up your personal information to a scammer who texts you.

  • Identify if the text is really spam: Misspelled words or poor grammar are an indication that a text is suspicious. Also watch out for mysterious links, free products, and alleged urgent messages!
  • Do not interact with the message: If you get a suspicious link, do not open it! Clicking the link could allow criminals to get information in your phone. Also, do not reply! Replying could signal to the spammer that the phone number is active and cause more texts.
  • Protect yourself by downloading an app: Some apps can help block out suspicious messages all together. Also check with your cell phone provider to see what it can do.