Money Saving Monday! The Best Apps to get the Best Deals!

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Monday, May 16, 2016
Monday saving apps
Money Saving Monday! The Best Apps to get the Best Deals!

CHICAGO -- Aurora Mom and Blogger Maria Ramos is here to 'wow' us with some great tips on how to get the best in-store deals using apps you need right now!


**FAVADO - Use the Favado app to see what is on sale at the stores, along with the coupons that can be used to save even more money. It's also easy to compare prices between stores. You may also use it to find lower prices to price match at certain stores.

**COUPONS.COM - Use the app to find local deals (if you have your location settings turned on) and also find grocery coupons that can either be printed or added to your store loyalty card. If you have a wireless printer, you may even be able to print the coupons directly from your phone.

**SHOPKICK - Earn kicks on Shopkick when you make purchases using your connected credit or debit card and when you visit a store on the app. You can also earn kicks by scanning or purchasing select products throughout the store. You can then trade your kicks for rewards such as gift cards to select stores. Use those gift cards to reduce the amount you pay on your future purchases.

**SAVING STAR APP - There are a variety of apps that offer cash back from your purchases, including SavingStar. These apps will give you cash back from your purchases when you either submit your receipts or link up your store loyalty card. Some of them may even have limited time bonuses.