Turning Point: Chicago

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Windy City Live spoke to parents of youth killed by Chicago gun violence. Part 1. (WLS)

What will it take to silence Chicago's violence?

Val Warner and Valerie Jarrett, a Chicagoan and former Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama, co-hosted this powerful hour. Viewers went inside Chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods.

And, those most affected come face to face.

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Windy City Live talked to community members about Chicago gun violence. Part 2.


Parents: Pamela & Tommie Bosley
Victim: Terrell Marquis' Bosley, 18
Died: April 4, 2006
Case Status: Unsolved

Parent: Debra Butler
Victim: Jeffrey Butler Jr., 19
Died: July 9, 2011
Case Status: Unsolved

Parent: Celestine Campbell
Victim: Matthew Rodgers, 24
Died: Nov. 20, 2016
Case Status: Unsolved

Parent: Annette Nance-Holt
Victim: Blair Holt, 16
Died: May 10, 2007
Case Status: Solved
Parent: Tonya Burch
Victim: Deontae Smith, 27
Died: Aug. 1, 2009
Case Status: Unsolved

Parent: Mary Long
Victim: Eric Williams, 30
Died: March 12, 2012
Case Status: Unsolved

Parent: Brenda Mitchell
Victim: Kenneth Mitchell Jr., 31
Died: Feb. 6, 2005
Case Status: Solved

Parent: Antonette Mitchell
Victim: Ireal C. Mitchell, 22
Died: Aug. 8, 2016

Parent: Alicia Hudson
Victim: Dariel D. Idleburg, 20
Died: July 3, 2008
Case Status: Unsolved

Parent: Naieekia Williams
Victim: Takiya Holmes , 11

Died: Feb 14, 2017
Case Status: Arrest Made

Parent: Antonio Brown
Victim: Amari Brown, 7
Died: July 4, 2015
Case Status: Arrest Made

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A North Lawndale barbershop seeks to broker peace on the West Side, while also inspiring young people to be entrepreneurs.

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Windy City Live talked with parents and community leaders about Chicago gun violence. Part 4.


Hugs No Slugs

Build Chicago

Emerson Collective

Purpose Over Pain

Switch Lanes


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Former gang member Benny Lee talked about Chicago gun violence.

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Windy City Live talks to community members about Chicago gun violence. Part 6.

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WCL host Val Warner and Valerie Jarrett, former Obama senior advisor, talk about Chicago gun violence. Part 7.

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Mothers on the panel share the story of how their child was killed.

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