Bronzeville native walks from Chicago to the White House

CHICAGO -- Demetrius Nash, 39-year-old Bronzeville native, will be leaving Friday, August 4th to travel from Chicago to Washington D.C., on foot.

Fed up with lack of a proper solution, he wants to bring light to the issue and seriousness of gun violence and how it plagues Chicago and poor neighborhoods throughout the country. He wants more resources and programs for children in the inner city. In order to raise awareness, he is walking to Washington, D.C., where he hopes to meet with the Black Caucus and Illinois Congressmen. He has had only 2 months of training for the walk.

As a bright young man, with parents who fought for his own success, paying for him to go to an expensive boarding school, he was accepted to UIC for academics-still he went down the wrong path. Inspired now because HE was part of the problem in the community, incarcerated at 26 years old (2005) for drug trafficking, spending 8 years in prison and 4 years on probation. After reading Nelson Mandela's book, "A Long Walk To Freedom," in prison he knew he wanted to make a change in the community.

Recently, he's become a protester and an activist in the community. He started an initiative called "Replace Guns with Hammers," providing work training for young men in at-risk situations, to pursue a trade of their own, get off the streets and build lifelong relationships with mentors.

He plans to walk 10 hours a day and hopes to arrive at his destination is about 22 days.

He hopes to raise $15,000 for his journey on his GoFundMe page. Viewers at home can help by donating to his page, while he is also in need of resources and connections throughout his journey.

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