Girl, 9, ran to mom's aid during Florida robbery, attacked thief, police say | Video

West Palm Beach police gave Journee certificate of bravery

Saturday, November 20, 2021
Girl, 9, recognized for bravery in brazen Florida robbery | Video
"I fought back," the girl said. "I hit him on his head."

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- A 9-year-old Florida girl is being honored by police after she jumped in to help her mother during a brazen robbery.

Police said the little girl showed no fear in the face of violence.

Journee sprinted to her mother's aid when a man rushed up beside her and started violently tugging at her purse, WPEC reported.

"I looked up and I saw this guy charging at me," Danielle Mobley, Journee's mother, said.

Mobley said she was getting groceries with her daughter in early November when a man attacked, and she was shoved to the ground.

The man threatened to "pop her" if she didn't let go of her bag.

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"I didn't know if he really had a weapon or if he didn't; that's when I just let it go," Mobley said.

And that was when Journee came running in to help.

Surveillance from outside in the parking lot shows the little girl running toward her mother's attacker.

"I fought back," the girl said. "I hit him on his head."

Police said the suspect eventually took off with Mobley's purse, cellphone and cash. But Journee didn't want him to get away.

"I chased him!" she said.

"I figured he would take off. I wasn't expected her to take off after him," Mobley added.

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Demetrius Jackson was arrested and charged for robbery and battery, and this wasn't the first time his violent acts have put him behind bars.

Jackson was just released from prison on similar charges back in September, police said.

Journee's mom said the brazen robbery was a terrifying moment for her as a mother, but she is proud of her daughter for her quick thinking.

"I think now women, we are fighting back, and we are not vulnerable and we are not just taking abuse like we used to," Mobley said.

Journee was presented with a certificate of bravery from the West Palm Beach, Florida Police Department.

Jackson was arrested and charged with robbery and battery.