Wisconsin brewery unveils beer-infused ice cream

ByKatrina Nickell
Sunday, July 11, 2021
Wisconsin brewery unveils beer-infused ice cream
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Badger State Brewery in Wisconsin adds beer-infused ice cream to its menu.

GREEN BAY-APPLETON, Wis. -- Many people enjoy a beer on a hot summer day and the same goes for ice cream.

So, a Wisconsin brewery has made the next "logical" step, by combining the two!

Is it beer or is it ice cream?

"I guess I thought it would taste like beer but it doesn't at all," said customer Ashley Nalepka. "It's just very sweet, it kind of tastes like an icee."

Well, it's both beer and ice cream, WLUK reported.

It was added earlier this summer to Badger State Brewery's menu, which has expanded over the last seven years from just six craft beers, to seltzers, ciders, and even more beers.

"You know, the next step was obviously ice cream," said Jennifer Radloff, event and entertainment director at Badger State Brewing.

Because the ice cream is actually infused with the beer, you will have to show an ID to prove you are 21 or older when ordering.

"You put a freezing agent in it and your beer, and then we mix all natural fruit purees in it to kind of make our own concoctions," Radloff said.

Badger State said it's a great option for customers who still aren't sold on craft beer.

"We're always looking for new, innovative ways to kind of get customers in the door," Radloff said. Despite this being kind of a beer-centric area of Green Bay, some people still are not quite sure on craft beer, or kind of still assume that it's like IPA's, so we decided to bring in a frozen ice cream machine."

While the ice cream is perfect for warm summer days, the plan is to keep the ice cream around even when the temperatures cool off.

"Over winter, as we start getting our barrel-aged beers out, we're going to probably start making some dark chocolate-y ice cream for guests," Radloff said.

Badger State plans to create a new flavor each week.

The brewery said, as far as it knows, they're the first to bring beer ice cream to this region of Wisconsin.