Wrigleyville hit-and-run survivor recalls crash that killed best friend, begs driver to come forward

ByAlexis McAdams WLS logo
Thursday, August 19, 2021
Wrigleyville hit-and-run survivor recalls crash that killed friend
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As she recovers physically, Nahiomy Alvarez is still replaying the last moments she spent with her best friend Sophie Allen.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Chicago woman who survived a deadly hit-and-run that killed her best friend is pleading for the suspects to turn themselves in.

Physically, Nahiomy Alvarez is recovering from serious injuries that she suffered during the Wrigleyville crash on Saturday.

"I feel like I am whole. I do not have any fractures, which is incredible," she said. "There was a whole pole and fence that was destroyed. Somehow I came out with just this. I am thankful for the few bruises that I have."

Mentally, Alvarez is still replaying the last moments she spent with her best friend Sophie Allen. Sophie was also struck in that crash, but she did not make it.

"Part of me is like, what was the last thing that I said to my best friend? I do not think that I will ever remember and that breaks my heart," she said.

Sophie was visiting from Florida. The duo explored Chicago, snapping a picture at the Bean. Then, Saturday afternoon, they stopped by Wrigley Field.

Woman killed in Wrigleyville hit-and-run ID'd, another woman seriously injured

"The Cubs were not playing. Supposed to be walking around and then this murder happened in the middle of the day at 12:30," Alvarez said.

Police say the driver of a gold BMW SUV drove up onto the sidewalk and ran them over. The vehicle is registered to a 30-year-old man in Old Town.

Surveillance video shows the moments leading up to that fatal crash. The Gold BMW SUV can be seen speeding down Addison before the SUV turns onto Fremont, tires screeching.

"This could have happened to anyone. This happened to in the middle of the day," Alvarez said.

Within seconds, two men were captured on surveillance cameras running from the BMW.

The first man, wearing no shoes and a blue long-sleeve shirt, can be seen sprinting away from the crash. Then, a second man in a black shirt and white bandana runs down Addison.

As of Thursday afternoon, Chicago police said no one was in custody.

"Come forth. It is not too late to own up to your mistakes," Alvarez implored. "You have a community that is devastated."

The crash happened right across the street from the Chicago Police 19th District, which is why police were on the scene within less than a minute.

The same detectives are still working the case as the family and friends of Sophie plan a vigil here this week.