How to pay missed toll if you don't have an I-PASS

I-PASS, Pay-By-Plate both options for now cashless Illinois Tollway
DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. (WLS) -- In Thursday's "What's Driving You Crazy," ABC 7 Chicago's Roz Varon got a voicemail from James, who needed help paying a toll online.

He was driving to Detroit and didn't have an I-PASS. He was very worried he would get a fine.

Ever since the tollway went "cashless" Varon said she gets more questions about that than anything else.

If you're one of those drivers who only uses the Tollway occasionally, and you don't have an I-PASS, there's another option: You can set up a Pay-By-Plate account.

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When you go through a toll plaza, it will recognize your plate and bill you accordingly.

You can set that up online at

If you still need help or have additional questions, you can call the Tollway's Customer Service Call Center at 800-UC-IPASS (800-824-7277).
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