How to make sure you don't miss tolls after Illinois Tollway goes cashless

I-PASS gives drivers 50% discount on tolls

Thursday, May 6, 2021
Don't miss tolls after IL Tollway goes cashless
Here's how to make sure you don't miss any tolls, after the Illinois Tollway went cashless.

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. (WLS) -- After the Illinois Tollway went cashless in February, some drivers want to know how best to reach state highway officials with questions.

Samantha said "I got a new iPass last year and IPASS put my old expired plate in it. I now have a bill for $350 when the original tolls were only $50. I had a working I pass in my car that even has autopay. I cannot call anyone over there and I have written 4 letters to dispute my charges. Can you PLEASE help me?"

To reach the Tollway, visit, Facebook @iltollway, or Twitter @iltollway, or call the customer service call center at 1-800-UC-IPASS, an I-PASS spokesman said.

Drivers also can stop in at customer service centers at the Belvidere, Lincoln and Lake Forest Oases.

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The easiest way for customers to pay tolls is by signing up for I-PASS, which provides drivers with a 50% discount on all tolls while automatically deducting tolls from their I-PASS account, the spokesman said.

Customers can open I-PASS accounts by visiting They can pick up I-PASS transponders by stopping at the customer service centers or by visiting participating Jewel-Osco and Road Ranger stores.

Another option is to sign up for Pay By Plate, which allows drivers to pay tolls electronically and avoid all fines and fees without opening an I-PASS account or using a transponder, he said. Whether you just traveled or are about to travel, drivers can sign up for Pay By Plate by visiting and entering your license plate details, dates of travel and a payment method.

Drivers who use the Tollway system have 14 days to pay tolls without incurring any fees or fines, the spokesman said.

Samantha was able to reach the Tollway through social media. She had a faulty transponder, and she said the Tollway removed her fees and sent a new one her way.