14-year-old who beat COVID-19 nearly died twice, doctors said

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Thursday, September 17, 2020
OC 14-year-old beats COVID, leaves ICU after 57 days
Doctors at CHOC Children's in Orange County say 14-year-old Agustina Rojas was the sickest COVID-19 patient they've ever had. The Placentia teen was near death twice, but she beat the virus and is now at home after spending 57 days in the ICU.

ORANGE, California -- Doctors at a children's hospital in California say 14-year-old Agustina Rojas was the sickest COVID-19 patient they've had so far. But like a champ, the teen beat the virus and she's finally at home after spending 57 days in the ICU.

"When I came home, I just hugged my whole family 'cause I missed them so much," she said.

The last time she saw them was back when her dad rushed her to the hospital.

"I didn't feel well. I couldn't breathe and like my head was just hurting," she described.

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Although she was medically sedated most of the time and doesn't remember much, doctors said she was close to death, twice.

"I happened to be on call one night where she again got very, very sick, very acutely, and I didn't know (if) she was going to live through that night," said Dr. Jason Knight.

"I was just scared. I was anxious, right?" Agustina said.

But through a group effort with various providers and Agustina's ability to fight, they said they were able to improve her condition and ultimately help her survive.

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"Knowing that she was our first really sick COVID-19 patient who we didn't really know if she was gonna survive. It was something we needed," said Dr. Knight.

Now, Agustina has a message to kids about their overall health.

"Stay healthy, eat right, eat your vegetables, eat anything healthy, like don't eat any junk food or this and that," she said.

And if you do get the virus, she said to be brave like her and be confident.

Dr. Knight said the patients they worry about the most are those with heart or lung problems, chronic diseases that affect the immune system, patients with cancer and the biggest risk factor - obesity.