Aida Flores hopes to unseat 1st term Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez in 25th Ward race

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Monday, February 27, 2023
Flores hopes to unseat 1st term Ald. Sigcho-Lopez in 25th Ward race
Aida Flores, a 37-year-old elementary school vice principal, is aiming to unseat first term Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez in Chicago's 25th Ward.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The race for alderman in Chicago's 25th Ward is one of the most hotly-contested races on the ballot. The 25th Ward covers Pilsen and parts of several other neighborhoods.

The incumbent, Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez, is facing a challenge from Aida Flores and there is a lot of money being poured into this contest.

Campaigning in the heart of Pilsen, Flores hopes to be the voice for all of the 25th Ward. The 37-year-old elementary school vice principal is aiming to unseat first term Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez.

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"We deserve better in this community," Flores said. "We need effective, progressive leadership that is focused on bringing the community together."

It's the 2nd run for Flores after she came in 4th place in 2019. This time, Flores and Sigcho-Lopez are the only candidates and money from outside interests has been flowing, turning the race into a grudge match in a ward where public safety and gentrification are big issues.

"We have approximately over $200,000 that has been set up to slander, attack and misinform," Sigcho-Lopez said.

Sigcho-Lopez said he is the target of a pro-business political action committee called Get Stuff Done PAC. Some of the city's wealthiest businesses leaders are supporting candidates running against city council's socialist members.

"We understand the neighborhoods are made of people, they are not made of corporations," Sigcho-Lopez said.

In the past four years, Sigcho-Lopez has been one of the most vocal voices when it comes to affordable housing, and a loud critic of Mayor Lightfoot, opposing a casino in his ward and voting against her budget.

Flores calls her opponent's leadership style combative, which she says has resulted in nothing positive for the 25th Ward.

"If we are focusing on arguing with everybody else, blaming everybody else when we're the ones, in this case, he is the one, that has the ability to impact change and that is not happening," Flores said.

Campaigning will continue throughout Election Day on Tuesday, and both candidates say they will be out and about visiting polls and making sure their supporters get there.