Clinton competes with NY Giants for face time

February 4, 2008 8:55:34 PM PST
Super Tuesday was not the hot topic in New York City Monday night. The Super Bowl champion New York Giants owned the headlines there, and the Hillary Clinton campaign was struggling to draw attention to itself.

Hundreds of Clinton supporters rallied outside the Midtown studio where the candidate appeared on the David Letterman Show Monday.

"We need to get back on the positive here," Clinton told Letterman. "This campaign really has to be about the future."

Watching were Jeff, Melanie and Alyssa Thomas, tourists from west suburban Batavia.

"What we have seen are tables set up on street corners and a lot of propaganda being given out, and a lot of people being pretty aggressive about promoting Obama," Melanie Thomas said.

Polls show Democratic candidate Barack Obama trailing in New York, but in virtual dead heats in New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts, where the Illinois senator campaigned Monday.

Clinton's final pre-election vent was a virtual town hall meeting aired on cable television. One of the venues was Main South High School in Park Ridge, where the candidate grew up.

"No one knows the effect of that Election Day ticker tape parade on New York voters, but it could be a distraction to supporters of both candidates.