Last campus shooting victim leaves hospital

February 18, 2008 3:16:35 PM PST
Grief counselors from Virginia Tech are travelling to DeKalb to help the faculty and staff of Northern Illinois University deal with last week's campus shootings.

On the day of the shooting, Kishwaukee Community Hospital treated as many as 18 of the victims. Three people were admitted, one person was transferred to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the other was released, and Monday the third of those admitted was also released. She is the last patient from the NIU shootings to leave the hospital.

"We understand the losses that some other people are going through, so we consider ourselves lucky that we are able to take ours home today," said Robert Dehner, father of Samantha Dehner.

Samantha Dehner was among those hit by gun fire in a lecture hall. Five students were killed and the gunman, who had a history of mental illness, killed himself. Dehner was shot in the leg and arm.

"She's young, healthy and has no other problems, so that gives her the best chance to see how much recovery she gets," said Dr. Rajeev Jain, Kishwaukee Community Hospital.

The tribute to the victims continue to grow. Some students who left the campus right after the shooting are coming back to DeKalb to see the scene for themselves.

"I want to come back here and don't feel I should be home, because it's not the spring break, I shouldn't be home and should be here," said Alyssa Ugolini, NIU student.

"I want to come back because I want everything to be as normal as possible. Everyone is going to walk passed this every day and this will remind us and we need to remember," said Jessica Mozerka, NIU student.

When asked about what should happen as a result of this shooting, Robert Dehner said there should be a red flag if someone has been treated for mental illness or is undergoing any type of treatment or is taking any medication. But for now, he says, he is focused on getting his daughter home and taking care of her.

Not only does Samantha Dehner have the injuries to her arm and leg to deal with, but the emotional trauma. She left Monday's press conference early because it is such a difficult subject for her to talk about. She lost friends and has friends continuing to recover from their injuries as a result of last Thursday's shooting.