Groups call for governor to step down

January 4, 2009 7:53:55 PM PST
Several organizations added their names Sunday to the list of those calling on the governor to step down.The United Neighborhood Organization, or UNO, the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce, and the Southwest Chamber of Commerce all say Blagojevich should resign. UNO operates the Veterans Memorial school campus on West 47th Street. School officials say the governor cut $4 million in funding as a way to punish his political enemies. Without that money, UNO officials say they've been unable to finish construction.

They raised a banner Sunday reading, "Governor Blagojevich, Mission Not Accomplished," making it clear they blame the governor.

"It seems that he almost takes a certain glee in this kind of situation. We need to understand, he needs to understand that this is not a game. His action and his inaction hurt very real people. In our case it hurts children," said UNO CEO Juan Rangel.

A spokesperson for the governor says the General Assembly passed an unbalanced budget last year, and the governor had to make cuts. Among those cuts was the money intended for the UNO school.