Black female surgeon inspires young people

February 3, 2009 5:13:47 PM PST
Dr. Carla Pugh is a surgeon who is also ready to give some her time to inspire others to follow in her footsteps. Dr. Pugh, 41, assistant professor of surgery at Northwestern and gastro intestinal surgeon at Northwestern Hospital grew up to become one of 386 African American surgeons in the country

"It is a wonderful job. I am doing what I have always dreamed of doing since i was five years old," said Dr. Pugh.

The surgeon is a graduate of Berkeley, Howard University and Stanford. Pugh is branching out. She has developed and built models of breasts, throats, lungs, pelvic simulators and intestines and uses her patented simulators to help teach medical procedures.

"The model that is here I developed a simulator for a hernia repair along with other models," said Dr. Pugh.

The renowned surgeon believes it is important to give back to society and to mentor young people at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences to kick off Job Shadow Day and month next week some students will shadow her at the hospital.

"I am inspired by their energy and it helps me to do my work better," said Dr. Pugh.

"She is wonderful and some of the things she said were really interesting," said Dantrell Cotton, Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.

"I want to be in the medical field and i was so excited that she was going to be here," said Nicolette Lintendee, Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.

Dr. Pugh says she knows she has the opportunity to do what she does today because of generations of African Americans who wanted more and she benefits from their struggles and accomplishments.