Suicide ruling may be headed to court

February 6, 2009 9:05:11 PM PST
The ruling of suicide in the death of a 10-year-old Evanston student is apparently heading to court. The boy was found hanging from a coat hook in a bathroom. His mother says she doesn't think it was suicide.

The ruling by the Cook County medical examiner is not sitting well with a lot of students and parents of students who go to Oakton Elementary School and other schools in District 65. They are supporting the boy's mom, Angel Marshall, in her effort to find out exactly what happened to her son on that day at school.

There is a new email campaign making its way around, demanding questions be asked about what they are terming a rush to judgment by the medical examiner.

Marshall's lawyer asked for the court order which preserves the 911 tapes made from the school on Tuesday, the day of the incident. It keeps that third floor bathroom in Oakton Elementary unaltered and protects physical evidence.

"We all need to know how this could happen in one of our schools. We need to know if there were others involved. We need to protect other children," said Camille Obalola, parent.

"It seems unfair. It seems like they immediately shut their doors, shut their ears, shut their mouths just for liability reasons," said Ahvay Taylor, parent.

The emails have flowed around to at least 250 people in the Evanston district, District 65. The school has not made a comment about the court order, saying they have not received any notice of that in writing.

The Evanston Police Department continues with its investigation.