'Good Samaritan' carjacked on I-57

February 28, 2009 8:37:15 PM PST
Police have arrested two men who allegedly wrecked their car then stole another from a Good Samaritan who stopped to help.

James Tallent and William Blunt are charged with armed robbery and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Police say they held up a gas station early Saturday morning ear Kankakee.

About 40 minutes later police say the men crashed their getaway car on I-57 at 139th Street near south suburban Riverdale.

A Good Samaritan pulled over to help the men. He was in a hurry and says he left the keys inside his own car. He says Tallent and Blunt jumped inside and took off.

"I ran to the car. My instinct was open the door, hey what are you doing? And I literally grabbed the steering wheel, grabbed the key with the other one. But he put the car in gear and put his foot on the accelerator and I couldn't hold on," said the Good Samaritan who asked not to be identified.

Tallent and Blunt have not yet been charged with stealing the car.