Puppy mill dogs get new leash on life

March 26, 2009 3:14:00 PM PDT
Fourteen lucky dogs now have new homes. Several people waited in line outside the Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge on Thursday morning for a chance to adopt one of the puppies rescued from an alleged puppy mill on Tuesday.

Fourteen people filled out the paperwork and were approved to take one of the little guys home on Thursday. Kim and Garry Stanton traveled hours to pick up a puppy for their 13-year-old daughter.

" This is heaven. Once my daughter sees this dog, she's going to love it ," said Garry Stanton.

"It was so important because I wanted to give a dog a home and it was important. I've been traveling for two days," said Kim Stanton.

"Ipriced the dogs from $1,000 to $800 and today I got her for $98. That was a really big deal," said Eva Ramsey.

Dwayne and Sara Hodge also got a puppy for their daughter, who is an honor student.

"We want to reward her with something, with our whole family, something we can love," said Sara Hodge.

"I heard on the news and came to get one," said We Jennifer Smith, new puppy owner.

"Very important to get him. When I first saw him I fell in love with him," said Marmita Brown, new puppy owner.

All of the puppies that when to the Animal Welfare League have been adopted.

"A lot of the puppies that come in have been spoken for. But we have all kinds of animals. And it's like just because they're not little and tiny doesn't mean they're not good dogs," said Linda Estrada, Animal Welfare League.

The 67 dogs that were rescued from the alleged puppy mill were sent to several area shelters for adoption . All will undergo thorough checkups before they're made available for adoption.