Plainfield looks at school budget cuts

February 11, 2010 8:24:29 PM PST
In Plainfield Thursday night the District 202 school board was expected to vote on severe cuts to try and balance its budget.The schools are facing a $16 million deficit and the board wants to be debt free by 2013.

Some of the cuts are severe. Administrators' pay would be frozen and non-union staff would have to pay 10 percent of their health care costs. In addition, some teachers would be cut and fees would be increased for some activities.

"Financially it will hurt us a lot. I have four kids involved in all the programs and it will be difficult for us to make it," said Johna Welliver, parent.

"I think my education would be affected," said Kaiya Hietikko, 5th grade student.

"I think we can cut some smaller things and look at how this district is spending its money before we start cutting people's jobs," said Stacey Hietikko, parent.

The cuts would go into effect in September.