I-Team obtains first picture of Indiana militia arsenal

April 15, 2010 9:02:33 AM PDT
The FBI seized 46 guns and 13,000 rounds of ammunition from a Whiting, Indiana home that agents said were being stockpiled for a Christian militia war on police and the government.

The evidence was hauled away after a raid late last month on the home of Thomas Piatek. Authorities have charged Piatek and eight other defendants who were members of a Michigan militia organization called the "Hutaree." Members believed that they were commissioned to fight "the anti-Christ" that was being supported by government authorities and law enforcement.

The cache of weapons is pictured in a photograph obtained by the I-Team from evidence released Wednesday by the U.S. Attorney in Detroit, where Piatek and the others are being held without bond on in connection with a plot to murder police. The type and caliber of the weapons is detailed in a search warrant inventory, also obtained from the court file in Detroit.