Actress Taylor Miller: Nina returns to Pine Valley

April 19, 2010 (PRESS RELEASE)

Last seen in 1995, Taylor played perennially unlucky Nina, Palmer's daughter, from 1979-1989. Gillian Spencer, who played Palmer Cortland's wife, Daisy, will also return for the tribute to his character.


Happy news to report: Although it's for a sad occurrence, Taylor Miller and Gillian Spencer will be reprising their All My Children roles of Nina and Daisy Cortlandt (respectively) in April to mark the on-screen passing of Palmer Cortlandt -- played by the late, great James Mitchell.

Yes, this means that AMC will be addressing the death of Mitchell, and his on-screen alter ego Palmer, in an upcoming episode. The actor passed away in January. Recently, new All My Children head writers Donna Swajeski and David Kreizman told us that they plan on using Palmer's death as a springboard for some exciting new stories.

Taylor played Palmer's much put-upon daughter, Nina, from 1979 to 1989. She was last seen in January, when she appeared on the 40th anniversary episode.

Gillian played Nina's mother Daisy -- Palmer's first (and third) wife -- also from 1979 to '89. Daisy was last seen in 1995 when she was trying to get Palmer back with his (seventh) wife, Opal. Arguably, Opal and Daisy are tied as the loves of Palmer's life (who can forget Daisy's endearing nickname for him -- "PC"?).

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Both Opal and Daisy are hit hard by Palmer's death. Tad comforts Opal who points out that he and Krystal have something special, causing Tad to look at her across the room. Daisy, who is back in town because of Palmer, is surprised when Opal admits she already knew about Daisy and Palmer's yearly meet ups. She reassures Opal that this year Palmer wanted to meet up early to end them because of his love for Opal.

Immediately upon hearing of Palmer's death, Erica starts making arrangements. Jackson advises her to slow down and reassures her he will be her "someone" to lean on. Erica comforts Opal and the two believe they were the only ones still close to him. She calls Kendall with the news and asks her to light a candle for him.

Adam worries when he learns Palmer died of heart trouble and feels guilty over his hatred towards him. Brooke offers comforts, reminding Adam that the hatred they two men felt for one another produced positive results, and encourages him to go to the gathering with the rest of Pine Valley. He does and is welcomed, where everyone shares stories about Palmer. When Adam expresses his gratitude, Brooke admits she still loves him and is happy to see that he has matured enough to care about others and not just himself.

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