Future of wireless devices on display in Chicago

October 18, 2010 (CHICAGO)

McCormick Place West will host the latest and greatest fourth generation technology at 4G World 2010. Chicago is unique with 4G wireless already available to some wireless customers. But more advanced wireless technology and access is on the way.

"These are enabling technologies. They allow us to do things in more real time," said Andrew Mitchell, 4G world 2010.

Mitchell is a co-chair of the convention. He says soon we will be able to do much more with our wireless devices.

"Looking for bargains, looking for coupons and checking a store without actually going into the store, to make sure that what they're interested in is in stock; these are new and exciting applications," said Mitchell.

How about 4G on the road?

Alcatel-Lucent has a preview of a car fit with all of the most advanced wireless technology.

"It's just another mobile platform capable of so much more than it is," said Rob Baxter Alcatel-Lucent. "For example, local search engines for maps-- no more open maps in the car."

Each seat has access to Internet. The driver would have limited access while the vehicle is in motion, but passengers can watch their own HD movies, DVR'd programming, check home security and appliances, play games alone or with any other gamers.

"They don't' have to fight over the movie, they can watch their own movies, listen to their own music, do their own gaming with someone who's in the car or with someone who's not the car," said Baxter.

Now kids will have to find something else to argue about on those long trips.

Alcatel-Lucent is working with car manufacturers now. You can expect to see that technology in cars in three to five years.

We will likely hear more news about new 4G gadgets during the convention. It runs through Thursday.

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