To wear or not to wear? The winter hat

February 9, 2011 3:31:20 PM PST
Where's your winter hat? ABC7's Frank Mathie asks bareheaded folks why they're bareheaded.

In weather like this most folks bundle up from bottom to top.

"Yes I am . . . but let me say this is the coldest weather I have ever experienced in my life. I am from Argentina. I am here on a holiday here in Chicago," Soledad Llarrula said.

"So many different kinds of hats and scarves at the stores. Why not help the economy and buy some and feel better?" said Bella Vist.

"In here the weather is warm," Vernetta Swain joked about her winter wardrobe. "My family lives in Anchorage, Alaska, so my sister sent it to me."

With bitter cold settling in to stay, it's a winter-hat-wearing kind of day. Unless you're a no-hat kind of fellow. Despite a wind chill factor that could freeze your tonsils, there are a surprising number of hatless heads.

"I don't know where it is," Lynnel Kiely said of her winter hat. But she says not wearing a hat has nothing to do with showing off her blond tresses. "No, it's really not... I'm positive."

But others admit it comes down to vanity. "I don't wear a hat usually," said Michael Suh. "Because I like to keep my hair standing up. I don't like hat head."