Inventors try for infomercial spot

March 10, 2011 1:47:53 PM PST
Have you heard of the Tri-Trak windshield wiper? Or the wine balloon?

Those are two products that have yet to reach the market- but might get a chance thanks to Telebrands, a company that has been turning new inventions into big bucks for more 30 years.

"Telebrands sells all these products on TV. A lot of people are familiar with our products. Things like the Ped Egg, the Pasta Boat, the Chef Basket, the One Second Needle. . . and on and on. Inventions that have gone from inspiration to realization," AJ Khubani, Telebrands CEO and founder, said.

Khubani and his company are in town to see what Chicago area inventors have to show them.

The infomercials are all over TV. One product after another does absolutely amazing things to make amazing lives even more amazing. One of these products could be the wine balloon, created by Eric Corti of Cincinnati. He says you can preserve your wine just by inserting a balloon into a bottle and inflating it until the balloon seals it off.

Chicago LeNardo Nelson created a three-in-one wiper blade called the Tri-Trak.

"Instead of having to go to the store, all you just have to do is pull it out of its holder ... Rotate it one third time ... Put it back in its holder and you have a brand new wiper blade in less than a minute," said Nelson.

Over the years, Telebrands has seen thousands of new inventions. Some of them great, some of them lousy. For instance, there was a guy who came in with an umbrella he swore would keep you dry no matter how terrible the weather. But there was a problem.

"He took an umbrella and he put a shower curtain around the perimeter and to make it worse the shower curtain was opaque and you couldn't see where you were going," said Khubani. "No, we didn't take that one."

Which inventions will turn out to be amazing? Only time will tell.