Voice of Empire, '588-2300' dies at age 89

April 27, 2011 4:17:58 PM PDT
Empire Today says its longtime, well-known Empire Man inspiration has died at age 89.

Elmer Lynn Hauldren began voicing the Empire Man character in the 1970s. The company said he continued to work on commercials until his death.

Hauldren was also part of the barbershop quartet that sang the signature 800-588-2300 Empire jingle.

In the 1970s, Hauldren was one of the advertising copywriting forces behind the Empire brand. The company's owner during the time requested that Hauldren serve as the on-air talent for the spots after unsuccessfully auditioning several other people for the role. This decision launched him into pop culture stardom. Hauldren went on to serve as the inspiration for today's Empire Today brand. He helped to launch the signature 800-588-2300 jingle into recognition as one of the nation's most popular jingles. An Empire Today press release said.

"Lynn was truly passionate about the Empire brand," said Steve Silvers, chief executive officer for Empire. "He has made an indelible mark on advertising history with his creativity and warmth. Lynn will always have a special place in the hearts of many. Our thoughts are with his family during this time."

Hauldren was a decorated World War II veteran. In addition, he was known as a key singer in the barbershop quartet arena, recording several albums with the quartet Chordiac Arrest. He has appeared in local theater and short videos.

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