Teen charged in shooting outside elementary school

April 27, 2011 3:15:50 PM PDT
A 14-year-old boy has been charged with the attempted murder of a 12-year-old who was shot Tuesday afternoon outside of Cook Elementary School on the Chicago's South Side.

Chicago police confirmed Wednesday that the juvenile faces aggravated battery and attempted first degree murder charges.

Tuesday's shooting worried parents as well as ministers fighting to save a community program at risk of losing funding.

Students dismissed from Cook Elementary for the day left the building at 2:50 Wednesday afternoon, the same time the shooting took place Tuesday at the school in the 8100-block of South Bishop. A 12-year-old 7th grader suffered a gunshot wound to the back when police say an offender fired about four gunshots at him. The victim is recovering at an area hospital, but the incident has generated uneasy feelings in the community.

Parents were shaken up as they learned more details about what happened. The victim's family says the shooting was as a result of a long-standing dispute between the offender, a 14-year-old former student, and the 12-year-old.

Reports that the conflict also played out on Facebook worried some parents.

"If parents would just make sure they can see them on Facebook or anything, see what your kids are doing," said parent Marlina Johnson.

About two dozen ministers from the West and South sides converged on the school to condemn the violence.

"We stand here to say we don't want any more children, any more children, not one more, to lose their life or get hurt at the hands of senseless violence," said Rev. Cy Fields.

"We say to the powers that be, to Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel, well, if our children are part of your platform, we ask you to put the money where your mouth is," said Rev. Walter Turner.

The ministers say the Safe Haven Program serves about 3,000 kids and has an annual budget of $1 million. They say they hope that funding is renewed before it runs out in August.