Officials test suspicious powder in Elgin

May 3, 2011 5:01:04 AM PDT
The FBI is trying to identify a white, powdery substance found inside a letter delivered to the Second Appellate Court building in Elgin.

A decontamination area at the courthouse was set up as a precautionary measure.

Authorities say no one was complaining of symptoms or illness, but 28 people were decontaminated and transported to nearby hospitals as a precaution.

The Second Appellate District Court clerk confirms that an employee opened a letter from an inmate and white powder fell out of the envelope. A letter inside that envelope claimed that the powder was Anthrax and that he wished death to all judges.

Field tests have determined that the powder is not Anthrax and officials do not believe there was anything sinister involved in the powder itself. However, authorities have not been able to ascertain what the powder is. Until they know what the powder is, they will continue to put people through the decontamination process and keep them under observation at local hospitals.

The FBI has brought in a detection device which is more sophisticated to determine what the powder is.

The courthouse will remain closed until the substance is identified.