Speed painter creates Bulls art

May 26, 2011

Art Beat Live Bio

A never-before-seen form of entertainment that will entertain and amaze an audience of any size.

While using both hands and multiple brushes, Elliott begins an explosive performance - throwing paint, challenging the audience, sometimes carefully painting red lips on the canvas, or rapidly making a blue and purple background to finish a painting.

Elliott's paintings of famous rock icons, public figures, celebrities, and commissioned portraits are choreographed to a musical experience. The paintings are created on a 4 foot by 5 foot black canvas, taking the audience through an exciting musical journey, and finally creating a likeness of the subject in a matter of minutes.

Elliott has taken performance art and made it his own with a unique musical, visual and painting style, unveiling the energy and passion of his subjects. Elliott conveys one compelling message to his audiences -

"Everything is possible when you paint out of the box, especially with your hands!" - Elliott From

International expressionist speed painter Elliott From of Artbeat Live brings a new look and feel to live performance painting. Elliott has gained world wide attention at the 2010 Winter Olympics performing for Budweiser. Also in January of 2010 two of his paintings raised a total of $23,000 for the Epilepsy Foundation of Atlanta. And in May of 2010 Artbeat Live! raised over $30K for CAPE during the celebration of the 125 year anniversary of Cretors in Chicago.

In 2010 Artbeat Live! performed at the first playoff game of the Chicago Blackhawks in which two of his paintings raised several thousands of dollars for Blackhawk Charities. In 2010 Artbeat Live! helped raise over $100k for national and local charities. In 2011 Elliott has performed during the Chicago White Sox Fan Fest and has also traveled the U.S. to perform his show for many charities and private corporate events. Elliott was born and raised in the Chicago area and his artwork is owned by famous people such as, Jay Leno, Mike Ditka, Alfonso Soriano, David Bolland and many others. Also, Hotel Intercontinental O'Hare has three of his original pieces in their private collection. The Chicago Police Department proudly displays a painting he created of the Chicago police badge.

Elliott creates every canvas with explosive brush strokes, vivid colors and creates an expressionistic style painting only known as an original Artbeat Live painting.

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