Mom makes teen list juvy record on sign

January 11, 2012 2:28:12 PM PST
An Indiana mom fed up with her son's lawbreaking behavior has resorted to some unusual punishment to try and straighten him out.

Dynesha Lax is making her son wear a sign that lists his numerous run-ins with police. She says the 14-year old keeps getting into trouble and the justice system's punishments aren't enough to deter him from getting into trouble again. So she's trying a new approach.

"I decided he broke the law and they only gave him community service.... [He's] going to wear a sign," Lax said. "You looking for attention-- we're gonna get you attention."

The teen and his sign have drawn complaints from passers-by, but Fort Wayne police say she is well within her rights to make her son stand by the road with the sign.