Police capture 5 bank robbery suspects

February 5, 2012 5:30:54 AM PST
Chicago police captured five bank robbery suspects Friday with the help of a witness and a bystander.

Some of the suspects may have also been involved in two other bank robberies.

Friday's heist happened at the Chase Bank branch in the 4800-block of W. Irving Park Rd.

It played out in dramatic fashion. The FBI says the robbers threatened violence at the bank. They got away, but not for long.

Chicago Police stopped the getaway car when one suspect tried to runaway and hide.

"They went to separate tellers and each presented a demand note which stated they wanted money, they were armed and that they intended to hurt the tellers if they did not receive any money," Burke Lanthorn, FBI special agent said.

The bank reopened Friday night, but earlier in the day, the FBI says the robbers got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. One witness spotted the getaway car with the two robbers and three other people.

Chicago Police stopped the car near the 7100 block of W. Grand, at least one suspect bolted - and a manhunt started. Police swarmed Eva's Bar.

"I never see that many police at one time, in that one space, said Eva Beagley, owner of Eva's Bar. "It was really unbelievable."

The FBI says today's robbery may be related to two previous chase bank robberies.

As far as the manhunt, Tommy Myers was the first one to the jeep and the suspect.

"I just stood on his hands," Myers said. "The cops came, we handcuffed him and pulled him out from underneath the vehicle."

The suspect is now in custody, along with four others.

FBI officials say they are still gathering evidence and witness statements. No one has been charged yet, but the FBI does expect charges to be filed soon.