Wrong-way driver crash is sixth in month

February 11, 2012 4:58:18 PM PST
Yet another wrong-way driver crashes into a car on the Eisenhower Expressway. The victim in that accident survived and shared his story.

It was Scott Davis's worst nightmare. A van was speeding the wrong way toward him as he traveled to work Saturday morning on the inbound Eisenhower near Austin. "I just said oh my God and I just turned my car," Davis said. "I thank God that I'm still alive right now."

The married father of three is the latest motorist to experience the frightening event which has happened six times on Chicago area roadways over the last month.

Friday, three were injured when a Chicago woman crashed her $80,000 Nissan GTR sports car on Lake Shore Drive at Roosevelt after going the wrong way.

Before that, four people were killed Monday morning when the driver made a u-turn on I-80 and hit another car.

Earlier this month, a motorist and another driver were critically hurt after he drove more than six miles the wrong way on the outbound Stevenson Expressway before crashing into another vehicle at Lake Shore Drive.

The recent number of accidents come as Illinois Department of Transporation and others continue to look for new solutions to the problem which happens in our state on average 30 to 40 times a year.

"Why we are taking a hard look at this is because the outcome of the accidents are almost always tragic," said IDOT spokesperson Guy Tridgell. "Almost all these accidents happen in urban areas at night and the common demonintator seems to be alcohol is involved."

IDOT currently posts Do Not Enter and Wrong Way signs at entrance and exit ramps.

"I am grateful that i'm still here," Davis siad. "I have three kids at home. I'm able to go home and give them a hug and kiss and that's it."